• Many pieces were made over several years, some are on private collections...........

      "A work of art is a form of human communications and, as such, the appreciation of beauty and value is in the eye of the beholder."


      Miguel Mesanza "MIME"  was born in Uruguay in 1946 where he studied with great artists like Esteban Garino and Pierre Fossey learning and practicing techniques on pencil, carbon, pastel, watercolor and oil. 

      His father was a blacksmith so Miguel, since an early age, learned the trade of forging and welding iron.

      In 1974 he migrated to Brazil working as a system engineer. In 1985 he was transferred to the USA as a Latin Aemrican CIO based in Coral Gables, FL. During all these years in the corporate world his hobby was to combine painting experience with the blacksmith expertise giving birth to his sculptures.

      Miguel has now decided to extend beyond just a hobby and dedicate his time exclusively to developing new techniques and forms communicating through his work searching to earn a place in the art world.


      "Inspiration, imagination, observation and the combination of diverse elements and materials creating unique experessions of art"

      "My quest in creating unique pieces is to bring to life isolate, even forgotten, things and elements that, by themselves,  have had its own purpose, use and value... sometime, somewhere somehow."

      When these elements are combined they gain a new life communicating, as an ensamble, a totally different perspective and forms.